Instagram Shopping App: All You Need To Know

After WhatsApp said it will start showing ads, it’s now Instagram who is soon expected to enter an all-new domain. The companies owned by Facebook, both WhatsApp and Instagram are basically turning into a Facebook.

As Facebook is now losing its user base with every passing day, it knows where to hit the gold.

Instagram and WhatsApp are probably now the most used social media platforms on the planet. Both have changed over the years as Facebook took the charge, and you very well know what is on Facebook’s mind.

After IGTV, Its Instagram Shipping App Now

Instagram has helped businesses to use it as a visual storefront, and now Instagram will help users and businesses to connect with each other. The Facebook-owned company will expand its operations into a shopping experience with an all-new standalone Instagram Shopping app.

The Instagram Shopping App is going to be called IG Shopping, which will let users to buy and transact on the new Instagram app.

Instagram Shopping App | IG Shopping App
Instagram Shopping App | IG Shopping App

You can pick what you like, and if you want to make a purchase, you can do that on the IG Shopping app. The Instagram Shopping app will have browsing menus for users to go through collections from different businesses that they follow.

You will be able to purchase any product you like directly from the IG Shopping app.

IG Shopping App: Facebook’s Next Masterstroke?

Instagram has been a goldmine for Facebook, and now its latest IG Shopping app will break the banks for them.

If you want us to count how much Facebook is making, Instagram earns from 2 million businesses monthly. Of 25 million active businesses who have Instagram accounts, 2 million are advertisers on the popular image sharing platform.

Now a separate app for shopping is going to be a profit multiplier for the company.

As IGTV was launched against YouTube to intensify the battle with Google, now its latest IG Shopping app will go against e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart and expand Facebook’s footprint in the online marketplace.

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