This Is How YouTube Star MKBHD Trolled Anushka Sharma

The world of social media is bad, really bad, especially when people can catch you if you lie straight. If you are stupid, it’s better to be off social media.

Anushka promoted Google Pixel using an iPhone
Anushka promoted Google Pixel using an iPhone, left: MKBHD

In a recent Twitter post Anushka Sharma was promoting Pixel’s latest device and YouTube star MKBHD caught him red-handed in a goof-up.

The Indian star promoted the Google Pixel device on her account using an Apple iPhone. Niceeee!

Soon she was caught, and later she deleted the tweet and retweeted again.

Too late Anushka!  The damage was already done.

The tweetaritis started mocking the star and even some of the big YouTubers joined the wagon as well.

It’s the second time MKBHD has caught a star using an iPhone to promote other smartphones. The YouTube star earlier caught Gal Gadot promoting a Huawei device using an iPhone.

Image:  Indian Express

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